zigloo domestique construction

The zigloo domestique construction process took 8 months.  From foundation ground breaking, to moving in, there was a large learning curve and plenty to photograph.  This is a selection of photos of the construction process that reveal the details while under construction.


  • 1,920 sqft (180 m²)
  • 8-20' containers
  • 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms
  • salvaged exterior stairs
  • available for purchase

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  • Nav says:

    This is a really nice design with the containers. What was the total cost of construction of just the house not including land?

  • keith says:

    The projected budget was $150/sqft (commiserate with the tract housing happening in the suburbs of Victoria). The final cost analysis proved to be $180/sqft. The quality of finish and environmental efficiency of the mechanical systems are more in keeping with custom designed houses costing $250/sqft. I can thereby conclude that I was able to accomplish zigloo domestique at a savings $70/sqft. The finished cost of zigloo domestique is $360K for a house that would have been $500K using traditional building techniques.
    There are plenty more answers on the FAQ page.

  • Deborah Harrington says:

    This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time..

  • Nav says:

    Keith, how did you go about finding the contractors for building this project?
    What requirements did you look for when choosing the contractor?

    It would be nice to know of a contractor in the lower mainland that is familiar with this type of construction.

  • Alton Toth says:

    Did you have a hard time with NIMBY-ism in the neighbourhood the home was built? I’m considering container construction for myself, but am more interested in blending the ‘big ugly boxes’ into a more conventional look. I know Vancouver would probably support this type of construction, but were there a lot of challenges getting it through the planning department?


  • keith says:

    There were certainly questions, but I was prepared with solutions. You can be too. Call me and I can talk you through it.

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