Transitional Housing Solution

In the spring of 2008 Housing Squared (lead by Krishna) approached with a socially compelling challenge: transitional housing with shipping containers.

The idea of creating transitional housing isn’t a new one. The challenge is crating a truly affordable product that utilizes prefabricated building techniques, strong simple finishes, and a stable structural backbone. Each unit has a simple, efficient layout including a small washroom, kitchenette and bed/sitting area leading out to the private balcony. The units can be grouped together to meet the terrain and bylaw requirements of any building lot.  The scalability of a project is another huge asset.  The ability to add units or redistribute rooms  in a variety of assemblages is one of the greatest inherent benefits of shipping containers. This means the complex can made to suit any urban lot or environment. These two example concepts utilize single family dwelling building lots, providing transitional housing for up to 30 individuals.
The housing squared concept is an economically feasible, socially responsible solution looking for a place to belong. If you know of a community in need of a transitional housing project, please feel free to contact Krishna Mulder 1-888-398-8839


  • 156 sqft per living unit
  • single units 20' container
  • double unit 45' container
  • flexible scaleable concept
  • affordable prefab structure

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