tall HAUS is a concept that explores the potential of using the short end of the container to support a full sized 1 bedroom house on only 76 ft² of footprint.

Spread out over 5 levels, the tallHAUS includes a lounge on the first floor, kitchen on the second floor, bathroom on the third floor and a queen sized bedroom on the fourth floor and a rooftop deck on the fifth floor.

A structural truss exoskeleton supports the floor levels and lateral forces over such a tall building.  The entire rear elevation is a glazed wall with light being filtered through the steel floor structure of the container.

Designed to be a one-step prefab set up.  The roof structure is augmented by the integral container doors and a roof awning.


  • 380 ft² (35 m²)
  • 1-40' container
  • 76 ft² (7 m²)footprint
  • 1 bedroom

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