stac-haus: san francisco

In San Francisco, (inner-city) there is a double lot and an owner with a unique vision.  The owner wants to erect an environmentally friendly, affordable residential/commercial building that will accommodate community learning and economically house local school teachers.

The sustainable features of this multi-unit building include water reclamation and storage, solar hot water heaters, photovoltaic energy storage, reclaimed wood finish and salvaged glazing and structural members.

The project is still in the conceptual phase and is taking some time to clear the political and legal hurdles, but it is a great example of one persons vision in a community that can benefit from the container solution.  Keep an eye on the projects page to see how this project progresses.


  • 5,120 sqft (475 m²) total
  • 13-40' containers
  • 6-20' containers
  • 3 residential/2 commercial
  • 1,024 sqft (95 m²) green roof
  • water reclamation
  • solar hot water/photovoltaic
  • salvaged wood exterior

2 Responses to “stac-haus: san francisco”

  • Berhan Lemma says:

    Can I buy this plan

  • keith says:

    The StacHaus project is specifically designed for the criteria of it’s surroundings (limitations/lot size/function). It is a project I am very proud of and it is customized to tailor fit the client’s needs. I am very happy to discuss your criteria with you and see how containers can be utilized to meet your needs.

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