squamish CargoSpace Living project

The Squamish CargoSpace Living Project.

Intended as a short-term residence, the client’s criteria is to create a “quick to construct” container concept that efficiently adapts to the off-the-grid demands of their property.  It must also adapt to the future use studio/guest room suite function when the adjacent principal structure is constructed.

The solution is a simple, modern, open living structure that allows for a close relation to the surrounding forested environment and efficient use of the sheltered, secure spaces at ground level.


  • 1280 ft² (120 m²)
  • 8-20' containers
  • 1 beroom/1 bathroom
  • wind power
  • water recapturing system
  • geo thermal heat

2 Responses to “squamish CargoSpace Living project”

  • nadine says:

    Do you have an estimate on the price per sqf on this…it’s fabulous. My husband who is somewhat of a skeptic about the concept said:This is pretty nice! …..I’m slowly winning him over. Thanks!

  • Trish Donohue says:

    I’ve been quite interested in the Zigloo house you did on the island for quite some time. I just went back to your website and noticed the ‘Squamish’ house. I live in Squamish and would like to know where the house is located (can understand if this is not meant for public knowledge). My interest lays in a design for our lakeside property on Bridge Lake, BC. This project is around 2-3 years from a construction start but I’m doing a bit of research. I find a container home to be very intriguing. Do you do custom plans? I do have a ‘design’ based on containers in my head…
    Just curious…love your house, by the way…..

    Thanks, Trish Donohue

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