The Shipping Cabin design is a luxury, low cost construction conceptualized for a controlled manufacturing environment.  These luxury low cost residences could be built on Canada’s West Coast and economically shipped to places like Spain, Bolivia or Iceland.  The use of shipping containers serves as the fundamental building blocks of a cabin structure which can be easily adapted to any location and environment.  This concept uses a single 40’x8′ shipping container as an upper floor and a simple glass and aluminum frame with a ground level enclosure.The cabin is raised 9′ above the ground and supported on four wooden columns.  The roof consists of arched trusses and corrugated 12′ steel culverts.  The ground level floor is an open and flexible space for accommodating various living arrangements. The shipping container makes up the structure of the upper floor which includes the bedroom, storage unit and bathroom.


  • 480 sqft (45 m²)
  • 1-40' container
  • 1 bedroom/1 bathroom
  • very small footprint

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