PURCHASE plans on zigloo.ca

Zigloo.ca is providing Conceptual Plans and Construction Documentation of it’s most popular designs.

The Conceptual Plans are for early stage planning, discussions with building departments, rough cost estimates and preliminary client review.  The Conceptual Plans Package includes:
-perspective images (not to scale, two point perspective images)
-fully scaleable floor plans (labels, approximate room sizes, room layouts, mechanical locations)
-fully scaleable elevations (full colour, detailed textured finishes)

The Construction Documents are for accurate contractor pricing, building department approval permits, engineers approval and on-site construction drawings. The Construction Documents include:
-perspective images (not to scale, two point perspective images)
-structural shell diagram, cut list
-building data breakdown
-fully dimensioned floor plans (with structural elements and special notes labeled)
-fully dimensioned cross sections (including construction assembly notes)
-fully dimensioned elevations (full colour, depicting height and elevations)
-3D diagrammatic connection details and weatherproofing details
-preliminary lighting and mechanical diagrams

Construction Documentation modification and alterations can be accomplished on an individual basis.

All the drawings are available as 24″x36″ pages and can be easily emailed as PDF documents.  They can be reduced and printed on standard 8½”x11″ pages or sent to a large format print house.  Full size prints can be couriered directly to you from zigloo.ca office.

The payment methods are: PayPal, bank transfer, money wire transfer or personal cheque (upon clearing).

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7 Responses to “PURCHASE plans on zigloo.ca”

  • Stuart says:

    The site is looking great Keith. Well done.

  • Stewart says:

    The site is looking great Keith. Well done.

  • Stewart says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist being that I spell Stewart the best way! Love your work. Wish I could convince my wife that our 1961 dwelling is so passe that it’s not worth upgrading and just unload it for one of your designs. Keep up the great work.

  • Paul Bodine says:

    Hi Keith,

    Good to see that you are progressing to being able to sell your plans. I’m hoping that the FLW house concept may become available for purchase one day. Even though I’m not in the market myself, that is definitely my favourite design to date.


  • keith says:

    I do intend to put these plans up on zigloo.ca. This is definitely one of the more popular projects on the site. I will need to go through and do a number of revisions to the original concept to make it ready for purchase. I will add your name to a list of people that will be contacted when the plan is re-designed and made ready for purchase.

  • Grant Brunsvold says:

    Love the concepts. My wife and I have been planning on building a container home for about a year now. we love the FLW.

  • Excellent work!

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