Innovative ideas have a way of naturally attracting attention.  When Craig Aranatt contacted it was to create a prefabricated form of building system that is stylish, efficient and ecologically friendly.
The result is a concept that offers a multi-unit living solution for both temporary and long-term housing needs called ModuLUTE – Modular Living Units To Enjoy.

The building block of each ModuLUTE is a structurally sound 20 foot shipping container that has reached the end of it’s useful “cargo” life.  These 8×20 foot ModuLUTEs are easily plugged into a light-weight infrastructure ready to provide a comfortable,“green”, efficient living unit.

Each ModuLUTE includes a compact kitchen, efficient bathroom, convertible living/eating/sleeping area and private balcony.

The ModuLUTE’s primary benefit is its ability to stack, dismantle, and re-stack with structural efficiency.  This property allows a number of potential configurations that can be utilized to make the best possible use of the unique environmental conditions of any building site.  The complex configuration illustrated above is created to function well in a snowy environment like those experienced in alpine conditions.


  • 160 sqft (15 m²) per unit
  • 1-20' container/LUTE
  • 60 units/structure
  • photovoltaic solar cells
  • modular/reusable units

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