Lofts & Landings – Devon Alberta

The town of Devon Alberta (a short drive west of Edmonton) is a small community looking to create sustainable neighbourhood development in it’s first high density development.

The development site is adjacent to the downtown core, on the banks of the Saskatchewan River and it is the first welcoming experience visitors have when arriving from the nearby highway access.  The opportunity is to make this a welcome gateway into the town of Devon and set the stage for the present and future sustainable development within the community.

Sea to Sky Developments contacted to conceive of a CargoSpace Project that would be a landmark in urban development and accommodate 315 retail and residential units.  Another feature of the project is the benefit that it would reclaim an old industrial site and bring it back into the community of Devon.  Lofts and Landings is the result.

The development will utilize over 2000 shipping containers in a variety of arrangements creating townhouse/condo units, retail spaces, offices, community shared areas and a small hotel.  The development will employ renewable resource technologies such as grey water reclamation, solar hot water systems, photovoltaic panels and green-roof systems. The commercial spaces will serve to support the residential units and extend the reach of the town’s main street corridor.  Community rooms are located above the condo building and a conference facility will augment the function of the hotel’s rooftop level.

When all phases are completed, Lofts and Landings is designed to be worlds largest CargoSpace Community, and will be a real feather in the cap for the town of Devon.


  • approx. 300,000 sqft
  • approx. 2,000 containers
  • solar hot water
  • photovoltaic panels
  • grey-water reclamation
  • green roof system
  • worlds largest CargoSpace Community

2 Responses to “Lofts & Landings – Devon Alberta”

  • Paul Bodine says:

    Very cool – great way to repurpose the site and that many containers.

    Good to see that the city council approved the initial proposal – hope this gets built and inspires further developments.

    Will make a nice feather in your cap, too.



  • Trent says:

    This idea is kind sorta similar to a design i would like to have built one day in my future . I like it 🙂

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