Huron CargoSpace Project

The first Zigloo CargoSpace Project in Ontario (Canada) is taking form on the shores of Lake Huron.  The design incorporates 8 40’ shipping containers, a second storey deck and lowered courtyard adjacent to the rec room. The generous 5 bedroom design has fantastic views of the surrounding valley from the wide open upper floor living area.  The middle floor accommodates 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  The lowest level of the house includes the guest rooms, rec room and another bathroom.
The local building department have been very supportive and encouraging of alternative and green developments, and hopes this project will inspire more container buildings in the area.



  • 3,840 sqft (357 sqm)
  • 8 40' containers
  • 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms
  • Insulated Concrete Formed foundation

9 Responses to “Huron CargoSpace Project”

  • Scott says:

    I am really loving this design. I live in Hawaii (Oahu) and I have learned that 40′ containers are roughly the same price as 20s here. Any plans on selling plans for this one on your site? Keep up the awesome work, I am in awe.


  • Hi… I also live close to Lake Huron, I’m very excited to see that there is a container project in my area. I have been wondering about the extra costs associated with insulation. Great news that the building departments are supportive. I am interested in a small 2×2 project (my home and an apartment) in a very narrow town lot currently vacant and affordable. Is there a contact person for the build in Ontario? Thanks

  • keith says:

    The clients would like to remain off the tourists drive-by path until the project is substantially completed.

  • Tim Mallet says:

    I’m leaning towards this design for my choice. Also the foundation choice is what I want. Please tell me you’re selling these plans? If not now, soon. Please let me know ASAP. Also, if this will sway you, I’m wanting to go totally off grid, with a Windmill, solar set up. Thanks for looking, and your time.

  • keith says:

    The design of the Lake Huron CargoSpace Project is specific to the location and the environment of Ontario. The interior layout, stair locations, structural strategy and level of finishes were client driven and certainly not ideal for the general public. This design could be a great jumping off point for a design that could work for you. Contact on a communication Friday to discuss the potential of adapting a concept that will meet your specific criteria.

  • Jeannine says:

    To sum up everything I’ve read and now, the work I see, I say THANK YOU.

    Truly, your work is needed & valued.

  • Laurie says:

    Fabulous!! Approximately how much does this project cost? Total including construction, labour, design, permits and all materials…. I am curious.

  • eric says:

    I want to make my house using container. Are you available to construct the container house in Vancouver? And I want to know the price for build the Horon cargo house.

  • keith says:

    The Huron CargoSpace Home was built as a charitable lottery home prize valued at 1.15 million dollars. The cost to build was much less, but the final build costs have been withheld by the owner.

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