Minimalist living for the technologically savvy. The concept shows how one 20′ container can be used to provide 25 square meters (265 sqft) of carefully crafted living space.

Hauspod can be delivered to any location in the world.

The transformation from container to dwelling begins by simply opening the container doors.

As the pod emerges, the roof tilts upward, directing the solar panels and providing a water capture system.

HausPod is an off-grid, self-sufficient, low-impact dwelling.  4 solar panels provide enough electricity to power the entire pod, and a water catchment and filtering system provides a continual source of clean water.  HausPod ships with a 1,200 litre water reservoir.

The interior layout is divided into logical living compartments:  A bed and storage are located inside the pod. Living, dining, kitchen are open-concept. A dedicated 3 piece bathroom completes the house.

The bedroom has sleeping quarters for 3 (single bunk and queen).

The bathroom is a single formed mold.  A composting toilet, and low-flow fixtures utilize water resources efficiently. Above the bathroom is a water tank and filtering system, which provides water to both the bathroom and kitchen.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a touch screen interface that allows a user to monitor and control their home. This unit also provides remote connectivity through the iPhone app, allowing the user to control their HausPod if they are not at home.


  • 265 sqft
  • 1-20' container
  • sleeps up to 3 people
  • rainwater reservoir (1200 L)
  • solar elecrtic
  • solar hot water
  • composting toilet

5 Responses to “HAUSPod”

  • Jeanine says:

    I have been following your company since beginning my shipping container home/living research almost 3 years ago. taking special interest in your modern designs especially because we are in canada. I would like to know if/when you will be building this pod, as it states concept? is there anyone i could possibly email to receive more information regarding its build details and release? for myself and eventually to share with my followers? Thank you Kindly, Jeanine

  • David says:

    would love a simpler version of this for a music studio in my backyard!!!

  • keith says:

    For those looking for a simple small container project, consider the Freedom Container Cabin.
    A container of any size can be substituted for the 8×10 box demonstrated in the Freedom Container Cabin Project. The details will remain the same, and the door and window concept will fit any container.

  • Lori Moore says:

    I love the Hauspod. Are you still constructing it? We live in southern ontario. What is the cost, what would the shipping charge be? Is it insulted? How many have you made? Is there a limit on the number of times that it can be opened and closed?

    Thank you
    Lori Moore

  • keith says:

    The Hauspod is a conceptual exercise in high-tech housing. It is physically feasible, but the technology will need more development before it can be implemented. If anyone out there has deep pockets, and wants to develop the concept … let me know.

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