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The Touchstone Nelson Museum of Modern Art put a call out to inspired designers to solve the present housing crisis by creating tiny homes.
Ten Square Shelter design competition had only one rule … maximum floor area of 10 square metres (100 square feet).

With the FlyAway Home, we have attempted to make the function of the interior space so flexible that the 100 square foot footprint essentially houses approximately 400 square feet of house.  Consider the fact that a person can only occupy one room at a time … therefore a 100 sqft space can easily accommodate one room’s worth of function.  Now, rather than changing rooms, simple change the function of the room by transforming the elements of the space.

The Flyaway Home does this by utilizing the the “Fly Away” space above the floor level.  The room elements are pulled down from the rafter space with the aid of smooth gliding rails, counter weights and flexible service connections.  Then when the function is complete, the element is simply pushed back up into the “Fly Away” space.

Other elements of this design are the use of an up-cycled, end-of-life shipping container as the shelter’s structural floor and walls, as well as the exterior deck.  The roof collects rainwater into a 700L cistern (located in the “Fly Away” space) and distributes it to the shower and kitchen functions.  A composting toilet with exhaust system eliminates the need for a septic field.  Bicycles, camping gear and even a small kayak could be hoisted up into the temporary storage area in the “Fly Away” space.

This sustainably built, innovative concept is easily deployed in Urban or Rural areas (both short and long term) because the strength of the container structure eliminates the need for disruptive foundation work.


  • 10 m²(100 ft²)
  • 1-20' container
  • 1 bedroom/1 bathroom
  • rain water harvesting

11 Responses to “FlyAway Home”

  • Rob says:

    This is super cool. Anyone know if this design has actually been commercialized? I’m a student who is just graduating from University and I’m beginning to look into what options I might have for alternative housing if I start saving up now. This seems like it could be a very affordable housing solution and any additional info that you might have would be of great interest to me!

  • Hafidz Rahim says:

    Awesome !!! Brilliant !!!

  • Bend Oregon says:

    What a concept! A killer design on a very unique home. One of the very best I have seen. Are these for sale, and has anyone actually built one? I am a real estate broker in Bend, Oregon – and I would love to see these shipping container homes in use here. Please contact me when this project moves forward. Thank you.

  • keith says:

    I too would love to see this become a reality … how would you like to be a prototyper? By best guess would put the prototype cost at about $40,000. I’m happy to share my plans and work out all the details with you.

    Let me know what you think.

  • Rick Thomas says:

    Very interesting in this fly away home.
    I’m looking into purchasing a piece of land to “play” with – build some experimental shelters and such and make it a sort of retreat for friends and family. This project is right on the money for the kind of compact living concept I’m envisioning. How evolved is the project in terms of being able to prototype it? I see you’ve commented about taking this to prototype stage so would like to know more. One question is that of power… can current state of the art solar and micro wind turbines generate enough power for LED lighting systems? etc. etc. I’m keen to build totally off the grid – geothermal fields or wells, solar and wind, water management system etc. Very cool work.
    PS – I’m in Alberta, looking at property around Drumheller – because of the hot, desert-like environment and cool landscape ; )

  • Chris says:

    Some great potential here for developing cheap transitional housing communities for displaced populations in the aftermath natural catastrophes or conflicts. The next step beyond the blue plastic sheeting for populations who are probably going to spending sometime in temporary shelter.

  • herbert house says:

    Keith, Pack me up a prototype today!!!…. How much to ship to the of Big Island hi.,
    as soon as you can…I need a home

    Herbert House

  • keith says:

    Herbert: Call me! The manufacturing facility is in Chicago. We can have you up and flying in no time!

  • herbert house says:

    This is the home i need!! Herbert House

  • What a great idea. These container homes seem to be catching on and it looks like you are on the leading edge!

  • keith says:

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

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