An adapted Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) Container House design concept creates a unique house sized perfectly to most standard size lots. This design is constructed of two 40′ and six 20′ shipping containers. The main floor consists of an open living, dining and kitchen area, along with 2 bedrooms, the main bathroom and laundry room. Circular windows in the living area provide interest on the front wall, while the kitchen window provides an elegant visual backdrop. The bathroom is tucked away behind the kitchen and the foyer leads to the bedroom hall. The bedrooms have sliding glass windows overlooking the front yard and the container doors can be locked shut to increase security or opened to allow natural light. The central staircase is a sculptural element to access the upper floor. The upper floor contains the master bedroom suite and an open office/den space. The studio and mechanical rooms are contained in a separate 20′ container joined to the principal building by a patio and water feature.
#8 Shipping Cabin

The Shipping Cabin design is a luxury, low cost construction conceptualized for a controlled manufacturing environment. These luxury low cost residences could be built on Canada’s West Coast and economically shipped to places like Spain, Bolivia or Iceland. The use of shipping containers serves as the fundamental building blocks of a cabin structure which can be easily adapted to any location and environment. This concept uses a single 40’x8′ shipping container as an upper floor and a simple glass and aluminum frame with a ground level enclosure. The cabin is raised 9′ above the ground and supported on four wooden columns. The roof consists of arched trusses and corrugated 12′ steel culverts. The ground level floor is an open and flexible space for accommodating various living arrangements. The shipping container makes up the structure of the upper floor which includes the bedroom, storage unit and bathroom.


  • 2,200 sqft (205 m²)
  • 2-40' containers
  • 6-20' containers
  • 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

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  • concy says:


    Send me your electronic catalog with your differents models and your prices.


  • keith says:

    Zigloo.ca is a design house providing custom design services for container buildings that include construction drawing documents and details. Doing remote projects usually involves local engineers to help out with the regional bylaws and municipal codes etc… Zigloo.ca is not a developer, contract builder or project manager at this time. See the PURCHASE section of the website for plans that provide do-it-yourself builders with the documents necessary to build container buildings for a number of purposes and functions.

  • keith says:

    A good way to estimate the building cost is by the square foot, we built our home for $180 per sq. ft. I think a lower number could be achieved, it really depends on the building’s size, your choice of finishing and sustainable/green options … perhaps as affordably as $150 per sq. ft. This is comparable with “spec quality” homes pricing, but gives you a custom design and a kinder environmental footprint by reusing containers.

  • Kat says:


    I love this FLW-ish house. Has it actually been built yet? I’d love to see pics of it “in the flesh”, so to speak. When will the designs be available for purchase? Seems a great concept for a New Zealand house.


  • keith says:

    New Zealand – I’d love to design something there. The FLW container project is about 4th on the list for working drawings. Check back often to see how long that will take.

  • i think the house project is cool i think you are giving back to your community and helping others and i love you for that Shannon from your loving son in Africa,South


    can you please forward other model options for building using containers. I am very interested in this process and am seriously looking for plans to build my dream home. they are not as easy as one would think to find on the internet!!! and seeing you are in Canada, WOW!!!

  • Laurie Armet says:

    My goodness, I love this. I stumbled upon this through a friend and I can’t believe what a clever idea this is! I am in no position to buy/build a house at this time, but this FLW-ish design is amazing and now is my dream home and I will make this reality one day. Yay for creative, innovative design !!

  • ptron777 says:

    AWESOME!! How much will something like this cost me? and how long will take to build?

  • Caitlin Grover says:

    I’ve been looking into buying a home (outside Melbourne, Australia) and doing the tree change thing for some time now. Unfortunately, what I’m looking for is quite specific and in such a small market, doesn’t seem likely to become available anytime soon.

    I chatted to a builder friend of mine who suggested I look into shipping container homes and doing it myself. These designs of yours have certainly given me something to think about. They seem to really balance out modern living and environmental considerations. I think they’re great. I only hope I can end up with something as innovative that adds to the environment rather than adding an eyesore.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Imran says:

    im interested in purchaseing building plans for the FLW container home concept im in edmonton and would love to build my container home please contact me to share some insights on how i go about building my home thank u

  • Martin Ruzow says:

    Are the plans for the FLW container available for purchase??

    This house is amazing

    Thanks very much

  • kern says:

    can you please update when this plan is available to buy

  • keith says:

    I am working with a manufacturing facility in Chicago to produce a variation of this concept as a plug-and-prefab solution. Keep your eye on the site for developments.

  • Tai T Do says:

    Can you give me the price for this building plans (FLW container home).
    Thank you.

  • keith says:

    The only catalogue I have is the purchase portion of the zigloo.ca website. Feel free to browse and email questions about the projects there.

  • Peder Blohm says:

    Want to build a container house as a retirement home in Sweden, we will spend at least 4-6 month of the year there. Love this design and want more information and concept drawings.

  • keith says:

    I would love to see you retire in this home – call me to discuss your dreams.

  • Ramin says:

    Dear Sir
    would you please send me some catalog and full explanation along the prices?

  • keith says:

    You are looking at the catalogue.

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