Many people have asked many questions about CargoSpace Living and the services Zigloo.ca can provide. Please take a look at the FAQ list to get information in the most popular inquiries:

Q. What are the potential cost savings of building with shipping containers?

A. CargoSpace Living has the potential to save the costs associated with structure, exterior cladding and weather-proofing.  Gradually there is also a potential time savings (time is money) and prefabrication manufacturing cost savings.  I am currently in talks with developers who are interested in establishing themselves as the worlds first residential CargoSpace Living prefabricator.  I will be highlighting our collaborative work on future www.Zigloo.ca updates.  As an example of the potential cost savings, constructing zigloo domestique using containers saved roughly $70 per square foot ($130,000).

Q. How was insulating of the shipping containers handled?  What insulation values were achieved in zigloo domestique?

A. The insulation used on zigloo domestique is the key to making CargoSpace Living feasible in all climates.  Spray Foam insulation produces a high R-value (insulation rating factor), eliminates condensation issues on the interior side of the container, and thermally isolates the hard exterior shell form the interior finishes (much like a thermos).
The corrugation on the outside of the container allows for interior framing to be set into the concave pockets.  This produces the slimmest wall profile possible and isolates the finishing materials from the containers’ surfaces.
In British Columbia, the minimum insulation value for a wall is R20 – in zigloo domestique, the wall are a minimum of R24 insulation.  Likewise, the roof of zigloo domestique needed to be a minimum of R28 in our climate – we have achieved R48 with Spray Foam Insulation.
A new Soy-based Spray Foam insulation product has recently been approved which makes Spray Foam an even greener alternative than was available when zigloo domestique was built.

Q. What are the challenges dealing with local building permitting departments and building inspectors?

A. Most municipalities are looking for every opportunity to encourage “Green Development”.  A well thought out concept and properly detailed drawings, along with some engineering assurances, provided the City of Victoria with everything they needed to issue a Building Permit.
By building zigloo domestique I feel that future cargo-tecture developers will have an easier time convincing other Building Departments to support such projects.

Q. Is Zigloo.ca building any more CargoSpace Living buildings?

A. I am currently exploring some manufacturing potential for prefabricated CargoSpace Living.  Custom design has some great potential and I have three residential projects on the “drawing board” at the moment.  I am also generating construction drawings of some of the more popular designs off the Zigloo.ca website.  The drawing packages will be sold for between $1500 and $2500.  The first plan sets will be the “zigloo domestique house”, “2-by-4 house”, “FLW container house” and “shipping container cabin”.  If you would be interested in one of these plan sets, or want to request other drawing packages, please let me know … I will pass on an approximate ETA for your consideration.

Q. Does Zigloo.ca do the supply and fabrication of shipping containers, CargoSpace Living buildings and ModuLUTE units?

A. Zigloo.ca is primarily a design company providing imaginative designs utilizing cutting edge concepts, efficient spacial planning and environmentally friendly building materials.  Zigloo.ca has connections with a few local cargo container brokers and a short list of custom residential building contractors who can work with cargo-tecture buildings.  I am currently partnering with a manufacturer who is interested in the prefabrication of ModuLUTE buildings, and we hope to be producing our first units in 2009.  If you feel you have skills and interests in the cargo-tecture building industry, please provide me with your information and I will connect with you soon.

Q. This is a great idea.  Can I hire you to design a CargoSpace Living building for me?

A. Yes.  Please feel free to contact me with more information.  I set aside my Fridays to entertain media and new client related calls, and I would be happy to talk with you if you are available.  I am in the Pacific Time Zone – (GMT – 8:00).