“Ask Zigloo” Fridays

Lets be honest … time is valuable, and without a system, productivity suffers.  The offices of zigloo.ca are busy and we aren’t always available to answer the phone when the public has questions.  Starting Friday February 20th, aspiring container builders, media outlets and the general public can get their CargoSpace related questions answered. No prearranged times necessary – Keith Dewey of zigloo.ca will devote up to 15 minutes to each call , and if further communication is required – appointments can be scheduled. “Ask Zigloo” Fridays are between 9am and 6pm (Pacific Time Zone) and the number to call is (250) 704-6057.  Leave a voice mail if prompted, and Keith will call you back.


  • 9am-6pm (Pacific Time Zone)
  • 1 (250) 704-6057
  • Yours for 15 minutes

2 Responses to ““Ask Zigloo” Fridays”

  • Marius says:

    Are the home containers designed to Ontario Building Code? Do you deliver to Ontario?

  • keith says:

    Zigloo.ca is a cre-innovative design office. We provide custom design services, that include construction drawing documents and details. With “google earth” and aerial photography it is possible to get preliminary information about the building site. We have been doing remote projects this way and we involve local engineers and architects to help out with the bylaws and municipal codes where necessary. At zigloo.ca we don’t swing the hammers, we man the design software, working hand-in-hand with developers, contractors and project managers to bring CargoSpace Living to life.

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