Blocks & Bonds: Large Scale

The Blocks & Bonds concept is imminently scalable.  One criteria Blocks & Bonds could fulfill might be temporary College Dorm facilities. The size of the project is of little matter as the building could be scaled to house dozens or hundreds of users.
The need for student housing could quickly  be accommodated with only a few standard units:
  • canteen / dining Blocks on the ground floor
  • lounge / open space Blocks on the second floor (with out door patio space)
  • elevator / stair stack Blocks at each end
  • dorm room / bathroom combination Blocks
  • dorm room / study carrel combination Blocks
  • small Bonds and large Bonds opening and connecting the space between Blocks
The Blocks & Bonds concept could meet the needs of other industries such as office blocks, temporary hotels, convention space and even short term disaster relief.
This is an idea looking for production partner.  Please don’t hesitate to contact for more information.


  • 56-20' & 6-40' containers
  • 972 sqm (10,500 sqft)
  • 40 bedrooms
  • scalable and quick build time

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