BicycleBox is a public art piece that unites structure, sculpture and service to create a space for community, commuters and contemplation. The BicycleBox was conceived in collaboration with a group of Art College students to improve the infrastructure along Vancouver’s Bicycle Path. A respite for commuters to tweak their bikes, refresh and provide washroom facility during operating hours. Off hours the decks fold up and the interior space is secured.  It now serves the function of a landmark and lighted beacon along the commuter trail.  The compressed air hose is available 24/7.


Two 20 foot containers divided by a “billboard” that contains the mechanical services for the lights/power and a phrase to engage the community.  The phrase “ALRIGHT IS GOING TO BE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE” is a bit of nonsense in response to another piece of public art in downtown Vancouver. A separate 10 foot container was added for secure storage of supplies.


  • 2-20’ containers, 1-10’ container
  • 400 sqft

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